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Dr. Natalia Hegedosh, is an amazing professional and woman who has dedicated her life to innovations that help people to look and feel younger. She is multilingual and highly educated with several medical diplomas and certificates earned in both Russia and the USA over decades of study and practice. This outstanding health worker and Medical Doctor, who has expertise in two fields, has combined them and focused her interests within Family practice to Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology. Her greater vision is to become a fountainhead of the Anti-aging Institute at her location, in South Florida.

Dr. Hegedosh is the developer of one of the best skin care products currently available called “Dermakine.” Dermakine, which means “kind to skin,” is very effective due to its unique ingredients, and in high demand in the current market. Dr. Hegedosh has worked for years, bridging two worlds and two different schools, to help people feel better and younger. Her positive and straight forward attitude and belief that everyone can be helped attracts and encourages patients. Her methods and innovations allow her to approach each patient as an individual and adjust accordingly.

Her impressive curriculum, reflecting just some of the sparks on this picture, reminds us of the great personalities within bio – and tissue engineering integral efforts, in trying to make this world, and particularly this century the era of improved quality of life, good looking people and longevity. Dr Hegedosh is the developer of one of the best skin care products ” Dermakine” which means “kind to skin”, but very effective due to unique content of ingredients, making it the most required in a now day’s market.